Isaac Berneman

The true origins of the Golden Bee family of companies goes back to 1979, when Isaac Berneman established his first real estate brokerage in Los Angeles. An attorney by trade, he spent the subsequent decades specializing in corporate and tax law, as well as developing extensive and invaluable knowledge of the Los Angeles real estate market.

Having retired from the law, in 2011 Isaac worked with his sons to combine their skills and found Golden Bee Properties, with an initial focus on buying, rehabilitating and selling distressed properties. With the company firmly established as a successful boutique real estate investment and development company, Isaac’s role has evolved to focus on reviewing acquisitions and guiding the organization through any legal questions that arise.

Isaac also serves in a leadership role that helps Golden Bee define and maintain the moral center of the company – the underlying reason that we exist. Through high standards of integrity, honesty and ethics, our central role in the marketplace is to help our customers manage one of the most important investments in their lives. Whether our client is an owner, a renter or an investor, we provide the expertise that helps them minimize risk and get the most from a property. On each and every transaction, we are helping fill and essential need for our clients. Isaac helps keep this purpose and our company values front and center, which is integral to our success with our client relations.