With increasing institutional investment in real estate, portfolios need to consider the benefits of proper real estate investing.  Golden Bee Investments takes into account the idiosyncratic behavior of local real estate markets as well as the characteristics of specific properties to strategically invest for its investment pools and syndicates.

Our investment and acquisitions professionals have a proven track record of making great returns for the various investment pools.

Should have any questions about the funds below or should you care to discuss how we can assist you with your investment needs feel free to contact us.

“If I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes… I would load up on them… it’s a very attractive asset class now. I could buy…them at distressed prices and find renters and … [take a] mortgage, it’s a leveraged way of owning a very cheap asset and I think that’s as attractive of an investment as you can make.”

– Warren Buffett CNBC’s Squawk Box, Monday, February 27, 2012

Available Funds from the Los Angeles Apartment Portfolio

Woodly 34

Woodley 34 is an investment opportunity located in the Lake Balboa area of the San Fernando Valley.

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GZ Portfolio V

This portfolio consists of 56 units, within four buildings, all within the South Los Angeles/Hawthorne submarketa.

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This is a revolving Fund that is used to purchase and rehab projects in the Los Angeles Metro area. This fund allows Golden Bee to purchase properties where they can lend their expertise in the acquisition and rehab of value added projects. This will include, but not be limited to single family homes, apartment buildings and hotels.

Current Percent Funded

Single Family Property Address Purchase Price Type of Renovation Construction Costs Sale Price (List Price) Return on Cost
1308 S. Stanley Ave. Los Angeles, CA $450,000 Total Ground up Remodel plus addition $450,000 $1,525,000 69%
817 N. Orange Dr., Los Angeles, CA $800,000 Total Ground Up Construction $800,000 $2,215,000 38%
3431 Bentley Ave., Los Angeles, CA $800,000 Remodel $200,000 $1,125,000 13%
4327 10th Ave., Los Angeles, CA $340,000 Remodel $70,000 $489,000 19%
4304 10th Ave., Los Angeles, CA $320,000 Remodel $100,000 $510,000 21%
1106 Rose Ave, Venice CA $1,275,000 Total Ground Up Construction $650,000 $2,750,000 43%
1743 S Garth Ave, Los Angeles, CA $960,000 Total Remodel plus addition $400,000 $1,800,000 32%
2357 Greenfield Ave, Los Angeles, CA $1,175,000 Total Ground Up Construction $650,000 $2,565,000 41%