Happy Thanksgiving from Golden Bee Properties!

For us, family comes first. As a family business, our success is more than a company to us – it also represents our joint talents coming together to create something to hand down to our children someday.

As a family that works together, we know the holiday season can be stressful. Family arguments over politics (or Aunt Trudy’s inability to understand that absolutely NO ONE likes fruit cake) can sour the festivities. To ease the tensions during family get-together, use the time to talk to your family about investing together. Trust us, this is bound to be far less divisive than debating politics or religion, even if it’s always amusing to perturb your overly opinionated uncle Joe.

Investing with your family is a great way to invest in your family. Money invested in stocks, bonds, real estate or property development often end up being the money that funds your retirement, finances your daughter’s college education, or allows that special family trip you’ve always wanted to take – in other words, those truly special moments in life that we all work hard toward.

It’s not always easy to know where to start. An important first step is to get everyone on the same page, and knowledgeable about things that can be complex. Some things to think about as you get started:

Creating a Family Trust is a great way to pool your money as a family.

  • Build wealth for future generations
  • Put assets under the control of a trustee, which could be a neutral third-party, thus avoiding any intra-family conflict

Another option is to create a Limited Liability Company, or LLC:

  • Reduces estate taxes as well as gift taxes
  • Protects your personal property and assets

Whichever option is best for your family’s needs, Golden Bee Properties can work with your family to help setup your prosperous future.

If you are looking to invest right away we have two open investments to consider GB Portfolio II LLC and GB Portfolio III LLC. Both offer an incredible opportunity for your family to invest before the end of the year.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about investment opportunities.

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