6606 Brynhurst

Purchase Price: $1,175,000

Purchase was made in July 2015 for $1,175,000. GRM was 9.36, with gross rental income totaling approximately $126,000 annually. Five of the ten units were vacant upon purchase making for immediate upside potential.

Immediate Upside Potential

Since purchase, buyers have gutted and rehabbed five of the 10 units, added an electric gate, added a laundry room, painted exterior railings, and completed a variety of other minor upgrades.

South LA 10 Unit Building Six 1BD/1BA & Four 2BD/1BA

As of 2015, the investors make $70,000 in annual net operating income (NOI) and valuation is projected to increase tremendously as many of the units are severely underpriced.

15.2% Return on Investment